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The whole area is called after the Hospital of Incurables, which was built here in 1522 by Maria Malipiero and Marina Grimani, on the recommendation of San Gaetano da Thiene.
The Incurables of the time were the patients with syphilis. The disease was brought in town by the soldiers of Charles VIII of France in 1400, in fact was also called "The French disease". The hospital and its side church seem to have been built by Da Ponte on the basis of the models by Antonio Zentani and Sansovino. In recent centuries the church, when the hospital was used as a barracks, was destroyed leaving romm to the current courtyard.
Interesting paterae and fragments are still visible in the area, particularly in the small square of Incurables, located inside 


In the adjacent Rio Terà di S. Vio are some statues of Christ with protective shell above the corners of a house, a well-head and a characteristic half-well-head.



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