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Tours Immersed in Art Rio Terà ai Saloni
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The Rio Terà dei Saloni takes its name, according to some sources, to the presence of the salt warehouses, while, according to tpothers from the family Dalle Fornaci, also called Saloni. The nickname of the family may result in some distortion of the title of "Solone" given one of their main representatives,"Alexander the Great Chancellor", for his seriousness and prudence in the acts. According to others, instead, the nickname originated from other components of the family whose surname was Assalone.
The salt warehouses, overlooking the Giudecca Canal, were built in the mid 1800's and were in fact called Saloni, or as the writing visible on the outside back, "Emporio dei Sali".
Today these spaces, divided into 9 areas of large size and accessed by their corresponding gates on the shore, are used both for the Biennale and teh permanent art exhibitions. Among the permanet exhibits, recall that of Vedova.
For some years in the second half of 1600 there was a theater in this area, initially used for dramatic productions, which gained a certain reputation presenting some of the most important musical works of the period. 



Along the Rio Tera you can then find some reliefs, coats of arms and a stone tabernacle which should represent the creation of Eve:


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