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Bacino (Basin): an artificial widening among the channels used for the stationing of the gondolas.

Borgoloco: areas of the city where there were hotels or inns.

Calle: street, comes from the latin callis (trail).

Campiello: small square or widening.

Campo: square. They are all called Campo (field) a part form Piazza St. Mark, since in the past they were all covered with grass and/or used for burials.

Capitello (Capital): Christian religious architecture, usually small, that comes from a popular cult handed down through the centuries. Normally a capital is built as a votive offering for an escaped danger, as a famine or a plague, but also as a means of aggregation of the Christian community.

Corte: small square or widening usually with a single access.

Fondamenta (Bank): street between a channel and the houses.

Lista: street close to a building of a foreign embassy.

Merceria: street with shops.

Nizioleto: road signs typical of Venice, created by painting directly on walls and plaster of the houses, with white background enclosed in a black box (hence nizioleto that is, small blanket), on which is written the signpost.

Paterae: ornamental relief of circular shape made ​​of Istrian stone or Greek marble dating from the Byzantine period. Can be found on many facades of Venetian houses and usually represents animals, lions and birds.

Piscina (Pool): part of channel where the water remained stagnant, now generally all buried.

Ramo: branch of a street.

Rio: small channel, from the latin word rivus.

Rio Terà: street obtained buring a channel. Often the shape of the previous channel is still visible.

Riva: street facing the lagoon or on the Grand Canal.

Ruga: average width streets, lined on both sides by houses and shops.

Sacca: blind street.

Salizada: were the first streets to be paved.

Sottoportico(sotoportego): part of the road that passes under a building.

S.Alvise: San Ludovico.

S.Aponal: St. Apollinaris.

S.Bortolomio: St. Bartholomew.

S.Basegio: San Basil.

S.Boldo: St. Ubaldo.

S.Zan Degolà: St. John behaded.

S.Lio: San Leo.

S.Marcuola: St. Ermagora and Fortunato.

S.Marcilian: St. Martial.

S.Paternian: St. Paterniano.

S.Polo: St. Paul.

S.Provolo: St. Proloco.

S.Simeon Grande: St. Simon the Prophet.

S.Simeon Piccolo: St. Simon and Jude Apostles.

S.Stae: St. Eustache.

S.Stin: St. Stefanino.

S.Ternita: Holy Trinity.

S.Tomà: St. Thomas the Apostle.

S.Trovaso: St. Gervasio and Protasio.

S.Vidal: St. Vitale.

S.Vio: St. Vito and Modesto.

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