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to discover art and crafts in Venice

Nizioleti: what are they and why? A Nizioleto is a typical street indication of Venice, painted on house walls, on white plaster surrounded by a black frame (in Venetian, nizioleto means small sheet). The Nizioleti tell stories and legends of the city through which we will lead you to discover the beauty of Venice and the originality and quality of its craftsmen.

Immersed in art


around La Salute

Immersi nell'arte

The route starts at the Stazione Marittima and follows primarily the edge of the sestiere of Dorsoduro to the Punta della Dogana, home of the city’s contemporary art museum, meandering through internal streets and squares before turning to more famous locations. It is a walk of discovery...

The art of decoration


in secret Cannaregio

L'arte delle decorazioni

The route starts at the train station, wanders along streets and canal banks of lesser-known areas of Cannaregio before ending up at San Felice, in the heart of Strada Nuova. We will discover the meaning of well-known and lesser-known places, through their names and the stories they tell...

Discovering jewels


between the Train Station and Rialto

La via dei gioielli

The route crosses the two adjoining sestieri of San Polo and Santa Croce. Starting at the train station, we cross two of the city’s oldest sestieri which have a wealth of stories and legends, ending up at the foot of the Ponte di Rialto​. Through the meanings of their names, we will learn about some of the significant places...

Ancient trades


between Santi Apostoli and Rialto

I mestieri antichi

The route starts at Campo Santi Apostoli and meanders through famous areas like Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, to Rialto, the end point, revealing unusual corners and folkloric place names drenched in history and legends, such as the bridge known locally as the toy bridge  (Ponte dei Giocattoli...

Artisanal Traditions


between San Felice and Santi Apostoli

Tradizioni artigiane per la casa

​The route starts halfway down Strada Nuova, near San Felice, and extends to the sestiere of Cannaregio overlooking the lagoon towards the islands of Murano and Burano, then returning to Campo Santi Apostoli. Along the way, its place names and stories and legends will guide us as we discover...

Luxury and craftsmanship


between Rialto and San Marco

Lusso e artigianato

The route begins in Campo San Bartolomeo at the foot of Ponte di Rialto and crosses the Nizioleti. Through stories and legends, we will discover various places until we arrive at the unique and world-famous Piazza San Marco. The route will take us to places like Campo San Salvador, Mercerie, Ponte dei Baretteri...

Wood colors and flavors


in the streets and squares of Castello

Legno colori e sapori

The route starts at Piazza San Marco meanders along streets, quays and squares of the sestiere of Castello to the city’s easternmost tip, Sant'Elena, where we admire the skyline of the Lido and other nearby islands (San Servolo, San Lazzaro degli Armeni, and Le Grazie) as well as a spectacular sunset...

360° craftsmanship


from Ponte dell’Accademia to San Marco

Artigianato a 360°

The route starts at the foot of the Ponte dell'Accademia and wanders through the sestiere of San Marco until it reaches the world-famous Piazza San Marco. Through the street names and stories and legends they tell, we discover lovely and unique places like Sotoportego Barbaro, Calle de la Mandola, Corte del Forno Vecchio and...

From Flavour to Classics


from Piazzale Roma to Rialto

Tra gusto e classicità

The route starts near Piazzale Roma, leading to Rialto along the sestieri of Santa Croce and San Polo. Through the stories and legends told by the street signs, we will discover a number of interesting places: Campo dei Tolentini, Campiello dell'Angaran, Campo San Polo, Corte Petriana, Campiello del Piovan, and...

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