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The field is named after the church dedicated to St. Basil, San Basegio in dialect, which had been built there for the first time around year 1000, by the Basegio family, or maybe by the Acotanto or Molin families. The church underwent several renovations and a total reconstruction after the earthquake of 1347. After being desecrated at the beginning of 1800, it was used as a lumberyard, and was finally destroyed in the middle of the century and replaced by a garden, where now the only remaining trace of the old church is the front door


At the center of the square can be found one of the classic city well heads


and an architrave, the rest of the portal, representing at the center the S.Basilio torso and at the extremities  two busts of holy martyrs


Adjacent to the square there is Calle del Vento, so called because, due to its special position, it is always ventilated even when the city is very hot and there isn't a breath of wind. Try it!


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