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Rio Terà San Vio Dorsoduro 862


The Bac Art Studio (Bottega d'Arte Cadore) was founded in 1977 by Paolo Baruffaldiand Claudio Bazzichetto. The term Bottega (workshop) has been deliberatelyinserted as an ideal link with the Renaissance Bottega, the place where design, execution and exhibition of the work of the artist (or group of artists) took place, in direct contact with the public. Bottega d'Arte Cadore arouses curiosity and interest because it is the revival of an ancient Venetian tradition of engraving that, after the splendor of the glorious times of Tiepolo and Canaletto, had almost disappeared. It was perhaps overcome in our time by the spread of photography and other reproductive techniques best suited to the current needs of information and dissemination.

The Bottega’s activity revolves exclusively around engraving and the work of the artist-engraver, who directly performs his own copper, brass or zinc plate from the initial design to the print on a hand-press. The philosophy of this artistic process progressed over the years: from 1980 to 1986 an engraving workshop was opened in Paris (at 98, Bld. du Montparnasse). In 1981 a shop in Venice, in Ruga Rialto 1069, was opened for the diffusion of editorial products related to the images of Baruffaldi and Cadore (posters, lithographic prints, booklets). In 1985 the main office with a sign BAC ART STUDIO was inaugurated in Campo San Maurizio, at number 2663.


Between 1985 and 1997 various cultural and artistic events have been organized,especially to make the most of young talents as they arise on the art scene,alongside the established artists.

In 1998 the gallery moved its headquarters to S.Vio in Dorsoduro 862, placing itself in one of the most interesting artistic itineraries in the city, that goes from the Gallerie dell’Accademia to the Basilica della Salute, passing by the Guggenheim Foundation.


- Permanent exhibition of graphic work by BARUFFALDI (experimental techniques, carborundum and traditional techniques) and CADORE (etchings, aquatints and soft wax). 

- Temporary exhibitions of other artists, by invitation, with a dozen significant works (Attendance at the BAC). 

- personal exhibitions by invitation, with the publication of a BAC Quaderno.

 - "Cartolina d’Artista" (Artist's Greeting Card), a periodical event invented by Baruffaldi, open to free participation by artists, who are invited to test themselves on a specific topic assigned each time.

 The external activity of BAC Art Studio includes participation in the most prestigious national and international art exhibitions such as Arte Fiera in Bologna, MIART in Milan, Turin and Florence Art Fair, Graphic Art in Bagnacavallo, SAGA (FIAC editions) in Paris, the 4th and 5th Exhibition of Art Printing in Urbino, Graphic Art in Barcelona, Bled (Slovenia), Art Genève, as well as participation in specific reviews (Poster Biennale in Warsaw, Brno, Colorado, etc.).




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