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Tours From Flavour to Classics Ottica Vascellari
Craft workshop 12


Ruga Rialto 1030 San Polo


Would you like a perfect pair of glasses? The Vascellari family can satisfy this desire by means of personalized assistance, extremely precise measurements, and by following a simple rule: every face should have its own unique pair of glasses. Ottica Vascellari also has its own line of frames produced in Cadore, from where the family originated. The frames are in metal and cellulose acetate, a material derived from cotton (so no plastic!).


Once the components have been cut, they are polished a buratto, that is, they are inserted in an octagonal barrel with pumice stone and wood and spun for seven days. In this way, the pieces are smoothed perfectly, ready to be finished with oils and beeswax. This is just one example of the natural approach that the Vascellari family applies to every stage of its work.



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