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Tours From Flavour to Classics Alberto Sarria Masks
Craft workshop 11


Rughetta del Ravano (ruga Rialto) 777 San Polo


Alberto Sarria has been making masks since 1980, and has always employed materials traditionally used for Venetian masks. His models range from those of the Venetian carnevale and commedia dell’arte to characters from folklore (clowns, jugglers) or personifications of natural elements (sun, moon, animals) not just in papier maché but also in leather. He also makes marionettes: Pantalone, Casanova, fauns, the plague doctor, female figures and noblemen and noblewomen.

/treks/tra-gusto-e-classicita-gpx/alberto-sarria-masks/100-0826.jpg/treks/tra-gusto-e-classicita-gpx/alberto-sarria-masks/presen-iocasanova.jpg/treks/tra-gusto-e-classicita-gpx/alberto-sarria-masks/presen-lav-decorazione.jpgDuring his professional career, Sarria has experimented with new techniques and materials which have endowed his products with a personal touch. He has participated in several international trade fairs.


8am-12am and 12.30m-6.30pm, closed on Sundays


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