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Calle Corte Rota 4725 Castello


At the age of 16, Paolo tried to build his first gondola oarlock, known as a forcola, at home, and showed it to Giuseppe Carli.  


Recognising his budding talent, Carli encouraged him to keep at it... Today, Paolo is proud to have had Carli as his teacher and is fully aware of the importance he has had on his life. Paolo Brandolisio’s workshop goes back a long way: it was previously owned by the great master Giuseppe Carli, whose family had been making oars in the same place for at least two generations. Paolo has kept his workshop in the same layout, and with the same “furnishings” as used by G. Carli. This is why, in addition to being a workplace, it is a fascinating place to visit for anyone discovering or rediscovering it. It’s practically a museum, with its tools, dusty canvases and old prints. 


The black-and-white photo is especially interesting, showing the master and his pupil as the business is handed over. All oarlocks and oars can be custom made. Each piece is made by hand, the oarlocks from a single piece of wood (walnut, cherry, pear), while the oars are made of ramin wood and are light and strong in order to be as efficient in possible in thrusting the boat.



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