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The Abbey Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia was built around the year 1000 on a grassy plot, called ValVerde, by two rich families (Giulia and Moro). The church has been restored several times through contributions by private citizens and the church. The current façade is the work of Clemente Moli with a number of sculptures including a Madonna in prayer with a Byzantine cherub, above the portal. Next to a plaque is the bust of senator Gaspare Moro, prior and administrator of the abbey in the 14th century


On the quay, above the portico, is the ancient Scuola della Misericordia, with a plaque commemorating its construction in the mid-1500s, initially as a hospice for poor confraternity brothers. It was then transferred to the silk weavers’ confraternity, once the new Scuola had been built. 


The public art worthy of note includes the carved emblem of the Misericordia confraternity with two kneeling brothers beneath it



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