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Bottega Atelier S. Croce 2155/A


The inauguration of the Paper Owl atelier in Venice at Santa Croce 2155/A, on the 22nd of March 2013, was the fulfilment of Stefania’s dream. 


Craftswoman owner of the company, Stefania works incessantly behind a long birch table with a material that has made Venice famous throughout the world: paper. By using typical Venetian, European and Oriental techniques, she creates paper jewellery, furniture and home decor, lively centrepieces and bouquets for weddings and special occasions, kites, unusual souvenirs, masks and other craft products, each one a discovery


Stefania’s formation, full of precious experiences and skills acquired over time, have led her imagine such an original and unusual activity. Her curiosity about arts and cultures of distant peoples allowed her to develop her own taste and to reconstruct a personal history of the material through which she prefers to express herself.


Pausing carefully to appreciate the creations on display, the purpose of such care and passion becomes clear: to honour a material usually considered poor and delicate, that, if transformed with the right knowledge, is resistant and unexpectedly precious.


Opening: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

From April to September and in December also Saturday 11am-5pm

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