between Santi Apostoli and Rialto


The route starts at Campo Santi Apostoli and meanders through famous areas like Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, to Rialto, the end point, revealing unusual corners and folkloric place names drenched in history and legends, such as the bridge known locally as the toy bridge (“Ponte dei Giocattoli”, though its real name is Ponte di San Giovanni Grisostomo), Barbaria de le Tole, Ruga Giuffa and Campo de la Fava



As we wander the streets, we meet modern representatives of ancient crafts, from Venice’s last knife grinder Barisoni, to book binders and ancient book artisans DeGrandis and Scriba, to the chocolate shop Vizio Virtù, from the artistic blacksmith Bollani, to the jeweller Costantini, to original paintings by Itaca Art Studio.



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iconCampo Santi Apostoli
iconPonte San Giovanni Grisostomo
Salizada S. Cancian 5919 Cannaregio
iconCalle de la Testa
iconMarina DeGrandis
Calle Larga Giacinto Gallina 6376/A Cannaregio
iconBarbaria de le Tole
iconBorgoloco San Lorenzo
iconRuga Giuffa
iconItaca Art Studio
Calle delle Bande 5267/A Castello
Castello 5765
iconVizio Virtù
Castello 5988
San Lio 5567 Castello
iconPonte de la Fava
iconCostantini Gioielli
Calle dei Stagneri 5237 San Marco
iconCalle dei Stagneri
iconCampo San Bartolomeo

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