Salizada S. Cancian 5919 Cannaregio


Daniela Barisoni, Venice’s last knife sharpener, followed in the footsteps of her father, who, although retired, continues to lend a hand.  


The shop’s origins go back to 1932, when it was opened by Luigi Lena. Franco Barisoni subsequently bought this artisanal shop with its unique atmosphere, where, in addition to sharpening knives, scissors and all kinds of blades using a water grinding wheel, the same technique used by the founder Luigi, they also sell cutting tools like stainless steel blades, which has come to replace tempered steel that tends to rust. 


They also sell knives with ceramic blades, which are extremely sharp and wear-resistant, kitchen knives, multi-purpose knives, miniature collector’s knives, popular with young people who like to wear them as accessories (even as pendants!) as well as decorative knives, nail files, and manicure and pedicure accessories. The assortment is vast, but always with a focus on uniqueness and quality.




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