Calle Larga Giacinto Gallina 6376/A Cannaregio


Marina De Grandis, who obtained a diploma of restoration technician of ancient books in 1991, discovered early on that manual work was her passion. /treks/i-mestieri-antichi-gpx/marina-degrandis/02-100-0504.jpg

She opened her first shop in 1996, only 8 square metres large, in Calle Larga Giacinto Gallina (Cannaregio 6376, Venezia), in the beautiful area adjacent to the square Santi Giovanni e Paolo. Her passion and valuable work led her to enlarge her first laboratory and also to open another beautiful laboratory in the Giudecca area, inside the former convent of Saints Cosma and Damiano, a sixteenth century cloister.


The art of Marina De Grandis began at first with the traditional and artistic bookbinding as well as with the restoration of books and paper documents. Such activities allowed her to become familiar with leather, its history, its composition, its characteristics and ductility, leading her art to making handbags for both men and women. All Marina's works are designed, created, cut and sewn by hand. 


Her passion for tradition is evident by just admiring her tools, that are as simple as those that could be found in workshops before the industrial era.Each single piece created is unique, and if you have particular ideas, Marina accepts and carries out orders on specific request./treks/i-mestieri-antichi-gpx/marina-degrandis/01-dsc-0005.jpg




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