The meaning of Bari is twofold: some want it to indicate a swampy place that was granted to a group of nuns to erect their own convent; others the art of Bareteri, that is the manufacturers and dealers in cotton and woolen caps, which practiced their craft here and had the seat of their art school in the church of San Biasio.
To be noticed the arch at the entrance to the former court of Ca' Pisani, with coat of arms of Istria stone 






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iconLista dei Bari
iconOpera al Bianco
Santa Croce 1239/a
iconCampo San Zandegolà
iconAlberto Sarria Masks
Calle del Tentor 1807 Santa Croce
iconOrafa ABC
Calle del Tentor 1839 S.Croce
iconSotoportego del Filatoio
iconPonte del Modena
iconCampo San Boldo
San Polo 2236
iconPaper Owl
Bottega Atelier S. Croce 2155/A
iconMarco Franzato
Santa Croce 2176
iconCalle dei Boteri
iconBastianello Arte
San Polo 1592
iconRiva dell'Ogio
iconSotoportego del BancoGiro
iconLa Bottega dei Mascareri
Ponte di Rialto San Polo 80

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