It takes its name from the manufacturers of bowls, called Squelini or Scudeleri, who had here their furnace, and were united in a congregation with Bocaleri (makers of mugs), which reference church was the Frari. The congregation then gathered all the artisans who produced and traded bowls, jugs, pots, dishes and other articles of earthenware and terracotta. Excavations carried out some years ago brought to light various levels under the existing pavement from which could be recovered a pottery oven, and pieces of workshop flooring, dating back to the XVI century.
The building that faces the field is, like many others in town, full of coats of arms and bas-reliefs


Also interesting is a permanent work in mosaic created by the Marcello Pirro in modern times on a wall in the small square



One particular, gruesome event made this area famous. It happened in the nearby Calle della Madonna. In a home there (which was torn down and replaced by gardens), a woman named Veneranda Porta, conspired with her lover Stefano Fantini, to kill and dismember her husband Francesco Cestonaro, then scatter pieces of his body in various parts of the city. To solve the crime, the government of La Serenissima decided to exhibit the dead man’s head, along with a letter found with it, bearing the initials V. F. G. C.
The victim’s brother recognised him thanks to the initials and investigators became suspicious of the widow and her lover. After they confessed, the court ordered them both decapitated, and Fantini also quartered.

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