The mobile app Nizioleti for Makers of Venice, that allows to view the tours published on this web site, is available for free on Google Play.

Scan this QR-code with your smartphone to download the app:


App functions

Home page

From the home page, you can access the main functions:

• List of tours

Search contents for given keywords

• Glossary and index of Nizioleti

• Switching fron on-line to off-line mode

Info about the app

Favourite tours and places

Example of search by keywords, possibly within a given range from your current location:

Search by keywords   Search within a range

This is how the list of tours is displayed:

/mobile-app-android/trek-list-en.png​You just have to touch an item of the list to display the description of the specific tour.


The tour description contains information about the related area, and the places included in the tour, including the craft shops you can find around there.

/mobile-app-android/trek-page-en.pngBy using the button at the bottom of the page, it is possible to:

• Display the list of the places

• Display a map of the tour

• Download the tour data, in order to use them later in off-line mode

• Mark the tour as favourite

The list of places and the tour map, give more information about the tour itself. The map make it easy to follow the route, by comparing your current location with the tour track:

List of places   Tour map

By touching a list item, or an icon on the map, you can access the description of a place.

Description of a placeBy using the buttons on the page bottom, you can:

• Show the shortest walking route to a given place

• If it is a shop, to display its contacts (phone number, e-mail address, web site of facebook page)

• Mark the place as favourite

Here is an example of route to reach a place, and the contacts of a shop:

Route to a place   Shop contacts

This is the list that allows to reach the glossary and the index of nizioleti, and also how one of them is displayed:

List of glossary and nizioleti   Glossary



From Flavour to Classics




Wood, Colours and Flavours


Luxury and craftsmanship


Artisanal Traditions of Household Goods

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